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The Recipe for Good Network Marketing Presentation


You can convert more sales in doing the right sequence of business presentation. While there are many effective ways of doing this, I want to share you the pattern of my business presentation. This pattern had been so effective for me from the past and I am using this until now.

Proper Acknowledgment and Introduction

Introduce yourself and don’t fail to tell why they should listen to you. Act as if you know everything about what you are talking about.

You have to know the audience in from of you. Some of them might already has the idea that is why you have check them because they can positive or negative. Apply F.O.R.M method of getting data about your audience. Ask about their Family background, Occupation and Recreation so that you can strategically deliver the right Message

Open their mind to the opportunity and touch their heart

Keep them open-minded before you start sharing ideas so that they can appreciate more and understand clearly. Ask them to thing positive and learn something new.

Start talking on the things you have in commons that is in line with the business so that you can relate and connect to each other. You can simply talk about their needs and the things they want to achieve.

Think Big, Dream Big and Know how to get it

To get the small thing is almost the same on getting Big Thing; the only difference is time and effort.

If you are planning to buy a new phone then you have to know its specification and the price so that you can compare and save money for that. The same thing you need to know when you are planning to buy new car or house and lot. Share them how to dream big and write them in details.

  • 5M House and Lot – Rest House
  • 3M Luxury Car – Hummer
  • 2M Savings – funding
  • 1M Travel – Cruise
  • 1M Education – one child
  • 12M Total Amount of your dreams


Feed them the fact that employment will only give survival income while it requires big capital and experience to start with a business.

Source of Income: Employment, Business, Abroad and Network Marketing “the law of leverage”

Regular Employee
20,000 x 12 months = 240,000 years accumulated income
12,000,000 ÷ 240,000 = 50 years of working

Work Abroad
Capital 300,000
Risk Condition “Family, Calamity, Relationship, Contractual, Bad Employer”

Big Capital, Competition, Calamity, Territorial Limit, Human Factor, Experience

The Law of Leverage

All successful people in business use this law to proper like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. It is the ability to delegate your work and time by others. They did not succeed alone; they succeed because of the others who help them.

Now show them the connection and relation of network marketing to the law of leverage and the company that provides the network marketing system for them.

The Marketing Plan

It’s time to introduce your company profile and the product line. Let them know how the products move in the marketing plan so that they can understand the ways of earnings. Highlight the top selling products or the product that is needed by your audience that is why you have to know the information about them.

Most of the first timer will not understand every details of your marketing plan; just let them remember that it is possible to earn what is written in the marketing plan and the best product they can use. Let them feel your support if they will engage in joining your team. Doing the business is about team effort, it is how the law of leverage works.

Closing Presentation

You have to remove their doubt and fear by showing more about the benefits they can get by joining. Prepare them to avoid discouragement and advice them not to entertain negative people. Invite them to learn more and show them your plan, let them know that you and your team are sincere to help.

Be careful not to push them to join because they might feel unpleasant. The alternative way to ask them to join is to ask them about when you want to get your dreams and you fill find the answer.

Help them how to produce the amount of investment in different ways. Retailing products is the best way to produce the about when your prospect is out of budget. You can advice them to borrow money from their close friend or sell your things that is not making money.

Make sure to introduce your prospect to the successful person in the company so that they can hear more advice how to become successful in the business, they can hear more motivation and inspiration. They can get more idea and understand more the why they should join in the business.

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    Thanks for the patient and knowledge you share . Your such a good man and i hope you will not change. Take care and God bless. This blog help a lot to net worker how to present their business.
    Thanks Dangal.

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