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The symptoms of fly by night monoline mlm company


It is too good to be true about mono-line lucrative compensation plan can offer. Most people ask if the company can still profit afterwards. I can remember the words from Mr. Eddy Chai about the company owner who is only playing games. Are you the kind of person who want to test the water first before you jump in.

They are very professional in hyping people to join. You really wanted to join even the presentation is not yet over. Good sales talks are not bad and you cannot figure if what they are saying is true. But you might say yes when it is too good to be true.

The company owner is not visible.

Sharing good blessing is nice and the people will always love to give more thanks. Owners don’t need to cover up or hide their identity if they are honest generous. The master mind and the management of the company must be in good relation to each other. This will avoid company break away which lead to forming new company.

The Bonus is not release 100 percent.

When the compensation is made, it should be perfect for distributing the profits. The company must not create a bonus that will eat up your capital and fund. In traditional business we learn that the feasibility study is very important. Why would the company suddenly not giving your bonus at 100 percent or delayed it. Sure there is a problem that will be arise and hope to be solved. Be careful when the company shows this kind of symptoms.

Unreliable Service and Promises

The company promises and sweet talks convince us to trust them but later you find more excuse and trouble. Starting company must strive to improve from time to time, this is the sign that the company wants to keep its business and grow. Business representation like office facilities, technology, products and customer service must always be improved. Be careful when you don’t notice improvement since the day that you know the company.

The list of fly-by-night mlm company started with monoline.

Nothing here so far since this kind of trending is just beginning. We don’t want to see our company listed here in the future.

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