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Things That Are Most Difficult To Get People To Do


As a leader you have to show or tell something to your people. You have to give an example and let them know that there is a better way and the best is always to come but they have to do something for improvement.

To Think Differently

We are always thinking normally but only few people think differently. While other are often think of the same thing few people appreciate what is the difference.
Your prospect will think about the opportunity that you are sharing but not all of them will think, “It is for me?” they often go back thinking of their normal life rather than thinking of the good things to happen in the future with your opportunity.

If your prospect is living on their comfort zone, they will not think of it seriously. They can choose to live in their comfortable life and will never try to risk for something better. They fail to think what if this is for me?
Yes. More people are thinking but they are focus on what they learn from the past. They forgot to think of something innovative and more effective ways to have a good life.

To Prioritize

To do things in the order of importance. We keep on doing what we often do and sometimes we neglect to do more important things. Security income like we get from our jobs is important but what more important is to know that it isn’t enough to get the things you want. Knowing which of the task will benefits you more at the certain time and conditions can help you to determine your priority.
We buy expensive things rather than savings for interest or emergency fund.
We work for our boss to make them rich while our boss job is to make sure that we get our salary. Then if you can make your boss rich then why not make it to yourself. Start and mind your own business now.

Wake up and know what else you can do to prioritize. If you know that you cannot be rich being employed then you must know what is more important. Mind your own business.

To Accept Rejections

People are afraid of rejections so they never do the things that they are not sure about. There are many ways to handle rejections specially in sharing your business idea. Remember that people my reject your idea but not you as the person they know so why worry about rejections. Not all people will hit the like button but there is always a person who will. You have to find them and know that without rejection you will not find the right person in your business.

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