Mock Up Business Cards

Those cards remind me of what should I do.


Name card is really powerful tools that you must have. Remember the first week of your class when your teacher put bold label of your name in your chest. That name card helps you to make them recall and remember your name. It really works one hundred percent.

The business card will help you in your business.

It stores information that is easy to keep. I will help to remind your customer and client about the owner of the cards. They may forget the detail of your information like, contact, address or website but the card you give will do the reminder.

Your printed business cards will always remind that you are in the business every time you see them. You can indirectly follow up your group push them into action when you ask them to get their own business card. When you look and hold your business card, you can feel or pick up the message that “You have to work out the business or just throw me away.” Tell in your group that they must have business card to remind themselves of the business.

It gives inspirations when someone asks for it and motivations when the want to tell you about it. It’s good to know that someone wants to connect with you and that cards will be gateway to reach you. You can ask to exchange business card and contact him timely.

It stores information that is easy to keep. It will help to remind your customer and client about the owner of the cards. It is really powerful as it is when we use name tag in our class.

The name card can create good impressions to your business. Well design and elegant business card can attract people to get interested in your business. It can also reflect your business so make sure that your business card is good.

Your business card may be the cheapest things you can give away with pride and smile. The name card is also a sign that you are investing in your business. If you cant invest for a little thing how much more for your big business.

How to get your calling cards?

Your company will usually provide calling card for you and you must have it free or not. You can go to printing shops with cards and design service to provide your cards. You can also look for free online name card or business card services or web applications.

The standard size of business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. You can make 12 pcs maximum output on Letter or A4 size paper.

PS: Check our online name card fill up form, select your design and print it. Go To make your name card

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