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Troubleshoot your network. Why are you not making money in network marketing?


As a leader of your network or organization, you have to monitor the front-line leader of your group. I mean you have to check if the people you personally sponsor is making money. If they are not making money, you must troubleshoot them by checking their activities and correct their attitude.

Help all the person that you personally sponsored in the business it is your obligation to check if they are getting their purpose why they join. Understand that not all people you sponsor are after the compensation plan. Some of them wants only to get the products and services at distributors’ price.

Guide their attitude towards the business. Success will not be easy for your team if you fail to correct their attitude. Remind your team about goal setting and check their activities if they are doing it the right way to achieve their goals.

Remind them about the four pillars of success

Make A Decision – If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. You have to develop a powerful mindset and strong desire to the things that you want.

Take Action – Try and execute your plan, follow a success blueprint of the successful people in your business.

Analyze Result – check your attitude when you fails, you might not doing it correctly. It is time to learn from your experience and ask advice from your mentor. Find out what is missing, understand and keep the lesson you’ve learn from it.

Adjust – You have to prepare again and continue the progress status of your success. Avoid the same mistake and accept new challenges.

You are making money but you are not!

Some distributors are making money but their expenses are greater than the money they earned. They are not really making money in this case. Leaders must also teach their network to save money. Apply the lesson from Robert Kiyosaki who says that “Pay yourself first.” When people get their salary they are going to spend it and what is left goes to their savings. The hard earn money is already gone before they think of putting it on savings. This attitude will make you keep on working because you forgot to invest on something increasing in value. Earnings without savings will not give you time freedom, you will keep on working if you don’t plan put your money on investment where money works for you.

You really have to coach your team, teach them how to do the business more effectively. Always have someone to share their success story to your people. The best motivator is the one who had already accomplished their goals.

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