Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation


The Company also known as UNO is one of the big waves in today’s MLM. A company set worldwide and now having international distribution of products. Their products line is compose of health, natural products, and other services that address the needs of modern living.

The company is home by top Network Marketing Leaders who help to bring success in every member of its organizations.

The Vision of UNO

From now on, UNO and its members will be looked upon as the finest, trustworthy and highly regarded network marketing group in the Philippines fulfilling the promise of a decent, healthy and prosperous future.

The Mission UNO

UNO is committed to our Build the People, Build the Business philosophy. Our mission is to provide first-rate products and services in the fields of health, technology and education in partnership with responsive and faithful network marketers.

According to chief operating officer William Barbo, clarifies that UNO is not a get-rich-quick scheme, It is a contemporary way of spreading wealth across multiple individuals instead of a select few.

You can participate on their compensation plan by joining.

  • 50% Retail Profit
  • Php500 + Php750 worth of products for every product package sold
  • 1500 pairing bonus, max 10 pairs per day, every 5th pair is equal to 1 cycle or 1 Gift certificate worth of 1500
  • Group Sales Incentive
  • … more

For more details you can download the business presentation here. “UNO Presentation.”

Top Earners of UNO

  • Mark Anthony E. Dapiton
  • Willian L. Chavez
  • Patricio Emmanuel C. Jugueta
  • Walter Warren M. Trinidad
  • Rollstein T. Pinangat
  • Joseph S. Sagaran
  • Michael Angelo M. Malana
  • Alvin Roy E. Rance
  • Christopher John Antisoda
  • Vanessa R. Dapiton
  • Erarev I. Bacho
  • Alejandro A. Garcia
  • Mark Alcantara Gajilan
  • Norman S. Canono
  • Christina M. Alegarbes
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