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Use your upline and the entire successful person in your business.


I have a short conversation with one of my leads. She asked for advice on how to earn from network marketing business. She did what her upline told her and yet she did not get her goals on time. She told me that her upline achieved the top position in few months and that was great. Then I told her to use her upline to help building your organization. If he can do it then he can do it again with you.

The problem with most distributors is they don’t know how to use their upline. They join and do what their upline told them to do like learn the business as it is your own, learn to qualify your prospect and know how to invite. The upline encouraged us to use the product and share it. These are the words we always hear from our uplines. The problem with most uplines is they ask their downlines to make a commitment to do the business but they fail to give their supports. Your network marketing career will be on struggle if this problem happens in your business.

New distributors in the business must not do the business alone. They must be properly guided as they do the business; upline should take care of them until they have a good result, good income and truly independent. When your upline ask you to make a commitment in the business then ask their commitment too. It is like a marriage that both must take an oath to commit. With out commitment the success is hard to achieve.

Have you experience working with out uplines? It is when you invited your guest and your upline was not present to assist you. Don’t let this happen to your business because the opportunity with your guest and building your organization will spoils. Tell your upline that they are committed to welcome your guest with you.

Use your upline in the presentation

You are still learning the business and the experts must always engage on the presentations until you can do it on your own. The basic presentation has an opening presentations, the main presentation and closing presentations.

The opening presentations

Take the responsibility to open up the business by introducing yourself first and why you are doing the business. Tea-up your upline to your guest, it means that you tell about your upline experience, achievement and his authority to tell about the business. Make sure that your guest will become confortable with what you tell about your uplines. Behind the scene notify your uplines in advance about the personality of the person they will talk so that the can deliver the right message to them. Be the one to make your guest open their mind to listen for the opportunity you have. Make a match background from your guest, if you can ask the upline with the same background or profession then they can easily understand each other.

The main presentations

Do not go away when your upline is talking with your guest. Respect his time and learn from their presentation. The inner motivation of the uplines is coming from the willingness of his downlines to become successful. Eventually you can do the same presentation of your upline every time you listen and understand what he is doing repeatedly. You must give moral supports to your upline so stay with your guest on presentation.

Closing Presentations

The presentation will not be completed with out the right closing. The best way to close the presentations is with your Successful Uplines. Because they have the results, they can proved that the opportunity is true. They can easily inspire people to do the business. The closing presentation is very important in the decision making of your guest.

Use your upline in the invitation

Your enthusiasm to invite is hot especially when we are excited. Warning! Do not invite when you are not yet equipped with knowledge or you will end up being discourage. Let your upline participate when you invites prospect list. Ask your upline how they do the invitations; it is easy to copy the demonstrations and the actual presentation than learning from theory.

For example: You are inviting your friend in front of your upline or over the phone.

“Hi Lou, I have something to share with you and I am new with this opportunity, my business associates is here to talk with you to give more info. Please listen attentively.”

Because you endorse your upline properly, your prospect will pay attention to listen and you must observed and learn how your upline invite your prospect.


Many distributors are struggling to build network because they never ask their upline to give their commitment and support. They only hear what their uplines told them to do and work as if they know how it done. It was happen to me in my first MLM Company, you may become successful after struggle but you will never cross this way again when you know that there is something better.

Your uplines can leverage their time to you; It does not mean you can not leverage something with them. You can use their time, experiences and skills too. As a new distributor says

“I joined few days ago, I don’t have much something to share but my upline is here to give his 10 years of experiences in the business. Please pay attention to his advice.”

That is how multi-level marketing works. Use upline skills and talent and copy them as quickly as you can.

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