What motivates me might also motivate you.


What motivates me might also motivate you.

I want to share what motivates me why I keep doing something for myself and others. Simply I love things that make me happy. I can be happy within but I can be more happier when I share it to others.

My motivation is to go over beyond what I am now; yes I always look for the better and learn to know how to get there. Motivations plus inspirations is a good combination. When you get inspires your motivations increase.

So what motivation do I have in life?

Family – My family gives so much love and understanding to me, they motivate me to share everything I have in returns. They are the people who will understand you and never leave you what ever happen to you. It is where I can barrow strength and keep on moving. Thanks the love and understanding from my family.

Friends – Reaching others people and touch their life is more fun. Sharing the same thing in common “love and happiness” is the great part. Even at the saddest part, I’ll be glad to be there to motivate them and give inspirations and be inspired.

You – People who reach me like you can add to my motivations. Meeting new people, strangers and new friends increase my hope and inspirations. Starting from you I’ll be more grateful to all.

Legacy – I want to leave this world with my legacy, I want to give the blueprint of my life how I manage to live a happy life. Take care for we can meet again next life.

God – I keep my spirit high. Our Almighty God can never fail to support and give strength. This motivation to reach what I want will always be pleasant to God and I’ll be inspired for His blessing.

These are the things that motivate me and I love to share this to you.


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