Your First Year in Multi Level Marketing Company


Success is not always instant in multi level marketing, but you don’t have to struggle much when you know what to do. When you start network marketing career, speed and power is important. Be humble and have a good learning attitude.

Network marketing is like a job; understand that you get paid when you work. No work no pay is also applied in business. So you have to start planting to reap good harvest.

I want to use the bow and arrow hitting its target. The arrow will not reach its target when the speed is slow. Speed will give accurate destination. You have to be fast, qualify your prospects and set more meetings. More meetings don’t mean more sales. You must have the power to influence them. The arrow need to fullback before it goes to the target. It means that you have to learn first before you start your business.

Knowledge is power but the applied knowledge is more powerful.

  • Dreams – will inspire you and give hope for the things you want.
  • Goals – are the step by step procedure to get your dreams
  • Plan – gives you the easiest way to achieve your goals
  • Learn – this will provide you the idea on how you will execute your plan
  • You – You have to give love and commitment to your work

The poorest person in the world is the man without dream. If dreams are free, then why you don’t have it? If you have to dream, dream BIG. Dream for the billions of income; if you failed at least you have millions.

How can you get your dreams without knowing how to achieve it? Goal setting is telling yourself that you have to get your dreams in a span of time. So you have to know how much income you have to produce to buy your dreams.

Plan is important to get more sales. You have to create a strategy and teamwork. You are going blind without plan and your time will be waste if your plan is not effective. The company or your leader has always a plan for you. Ask the successful person in your company how he plan his success. Follow that because it is proven.

Be humble and learn. Be open mind and listen to whom who is already successful in the business. Always ask advice and learn from the other mistake and experience. It is not advisable to learn by repeating other mistake. Don’t be idiot but instead be humble and have a good learning attitude.

You have to believe that this is for you. Doing multi level marketing without reason will make you quit when you get tired. When you start to love it and do it by heart. It will become your passion. We all know that multi level marketing is also about helping others to reach their dreams. Adding commitment whatever it takes will give you success and not frustrations.

Don’t quit to soon. You have to dream big, set goals, follow the plans, learn and be humble. Always believe that you can do it. No other can trust you better than yourself.

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